Management Trainee

Wave 15 in Tampa provides a fast-paced, upbeat, result driven atmosphere currently searching for experienced people who want to quickly advance their long-term careers. Any experience level in a customer service field is sure to thrive with us. On-site, daily training is provided to you for this position

What are your top priorities in your next career?

We believe there are a purpose and passion within a team to drive great work and it is the reason we talk about our goals daily. Without individual and team goals driving us, our intent and focus to deliver excellence would be limited. Wave 15 prides itself on focusing on the group over the individual, allowing us to bring different skills and strengths to the table every single day. Long story short, we talk a big game – but we believe every word we say, and we deliver. We believe the best way to ensure our success is to work hard for it. We teach our team that you can work for yourself and your goals, or work for someone else’s. We choose our goals every day.

Do you currently only think about your goals or do you physically write them down?

Traits of Top Performers:

  • Integrity
  • Student Mentality
  • Competitive Natured
  • Professionalism
  • Supreme Work Ethic
  • Encouraging Attitude

We exude a positive thinking, self-starting, student mentality, and impeccable work ethic approach to marketing and sales. From these skills, we are elated with the rapid growth that is occurring to provide us massive growth and management opportunities. Professional, active, go-getter individuals are encouraged to apply to add to our lively environment.

In an industry that is ever-changing, we place a high emphasis on being able to adapt and evolve according to client needs. We have a relentless commitment and follow-through for our goals. If we say we’re going to do it, we do it.

If you contain the following skills apply now:

  • Upbeat personality and exceptional people skills
  • Professional image
  • Exceptional communication skills
  • Self-starter mentality
  • Problem-solving tactics
  • Career-driven and wanting quick advancement

Advancement opportunities include:

  • Training and developing new account managers
  • Executive management positions
  • Oversight of a team of 5-15 people
  • Human resource, recruitment, and social media management
  • Development of personal entrepreneurship skills
NOTICE: As a safety precaution, our company has ceased all social team functions and office meetings until further notice from management. All recruiting and hiring operations will be done virtually. If you have any questions, pleasecontact us.